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We offer our clients:

  • Integrated accounting systems, with customised documentation and reporting
  • 24-hour client access to your debtors’ records, via a secure login on our website
  • Time-payers’ tracking system


Discuss with us how we can make the debt-recovery part of your business easier.


Integrated Accounting Systems
24-Hour Client Access

Through a secure online client login, clients have the ability to access our client-dedicated accounting system to monitor the status of their debtors.


Our comprehensive online system allows clients to download read-only files, so that debt collection and receivables management progress can be tracked.

Time-Payers' Tracking System

We have developed a comprehensive and specialised tracking system for clients with debtors who are 'time payers'. The tracking system allows us to record and report on a debtor’s status, inclusive of payments, arrears and defaults.


We carefully assess clients’ specific requirements and develop a debt collection process to suit their objectives.

A typical debt collection process, such as that shown below, shows the steps that would commonly be undertaken to achieve the desired results.


At an initial client meeting, we gain an appreciation of the client’s business and debt collection objectives.

The preferred debt collection direction is determined and agreed.

A fee structure is agreed, subject to the volume, value and age of the debts.

We then implement the collections’ process as agreed at steps 1 and 2.

Reports on the recovery status are available to clients through secure 24-hour online access.

We report to the client, detailing the recovered debts. Payments are made into the client’s bank account.

Together, we assess the results of the recovery process and agree upon any further course of action.

If it seems likely that litigation will be required, we discuss the client’s options.