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Griffith-Jones & Associates specialises in the collection, recovery and management of third party, at-fault and property claims on a national basis for insurers, self-insureds and other clients.


We seek long-term relationships with our clients, and offer competitive commission rates based on the volume, value and age of the debts which are to be recovered. Our approach is tailored to our clients’ individual needs.

Our receivables management services include:


  • assessing the debtor’s ability to pay
  • negotiating a payment-by-instalment arrangement, if required
  • assessing the debtor’s attitude towards the debt
  • re-opening and maintaining dialogue with the debtor
  • skip-tracing, when a debtor can’t be found.

We have developed our own 'Client Accounting System' to track information for 'Time Payer' Debtors.


Results are achieved quickly and effectively, with a focus on:


  • achieving repayment of the debt, while allowing clients to maintain their relationships with their clients
  • debt collection, without, where possible, escalation to litigation.


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